BUILD SEASON DAY 5: Let's get down to business (to defeat the totes)

(did they send me llamas... when I asked for goats?)Inline image 1

Never mind. Today the pedal hit the metal on physically getting things done. We continued work on the robot base that came with the kit, and Hank and Will worked on prototyping parts of their respective designs (Hank on the can manipulator, Will on his "key" for lifting totes by fitting into the grooves on their sides). We also built a "frame" out of wood that represents the maximum transport size for the robot (it's not as big as you think). We can use this to get a better idea of how our systems will relate to each other on the robot once we get some prototypes done. We can even mount a drive base to the frame if we want to.
Today's meeting also marked the end of the 1st week of build season. I think things are progressing at a suitable speed for the most part. We have several good ideas for the bot and are quickly moving toward a place where we'll be able to evaluate them against each other. Aidan pointed out that we only really have 1 design on the table for the can manipulator (the claw) but that's partly because it seems in theory to be the only viable one so far. If you have alternate ideas, please DRAW THEM UP AND PROTOTYPE ASAP! Over the next week or so, we'll be narrowing down what we want the end result of the bot to be, and we'll never know what your ideas are if they just stay in your head forever!
Now that meetings are becoming a lot more construction-intensive, and the work we can get done on our own during non-meeting days is shrinking, I think it would be best to start meeting on Wednesdays, increasing our meeting days to 6 a week. When we meet on Tuesday, we can discuss this, but I doubt anybody will have a huge problem with it. This is FRC, after all: crunch time is the only time. :)
Speaking of which, at our next meeting, Tuesday the 13th, there will be an important announcement/discussion about how we are going to decide the fate of the robot as well as how we manage our time and effort. It's important that we figure this out ASAP before prototypes are done, so be there or b^2.

Good work and good luck, team!
-Caelan Rashby-Pollack
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