BUILD SEASON DAY 9: Koalaty Shirt Designs and Pentapuses


Today various people worked on various things, as with a good chunk of the other days. Hank (with assistance from Heidi and Simon) kept working on his container manipulator, starting on mounting the pneumatics. At the same time, Will, Elizabeth, and Claire (am I forgetting anyone?) worked on his key design- the actual keys as well a triangular wooden mount. Dennis started learning how to CAD!! So that he can CAD his pentapus design, and got started on that. 
Meanwhile, Sam and Miles were woking on the code for the scouting app, and Sarah and Camille were working on the t-shirt design. Koala's are hard to pick, guys...
REMINDER  "on Saturday we are presenting all mechanism ideas, throwing them together in a design matrix, and deciding on the design direction of the robot. This means that if you have a design for any mechanism it must be fleshed out enough to present on Saturday. We'll probably be capping presentations to a half hour but ideally they only take as long as it takes for you to fully explain your idea" IDEALLY WE WOULD HAVE A LOT OF THE TEAM HERE TO MAKE THESE FINAL DECISIONS!! PLEASE BE THERE. 

((Also, I realize that the meeting is not over, but I was the only president there and I had to leave early, so I'm sending this out early. I don't think too much is changing in the next 30mins...)) 
We're doing amazing, all! See you tomorrow!
-Sarah Jenkins
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