BUILD DAY 6: prototypes and the pentapus

Hi all!

Today we played around with the mini-model of the game field Steve 3d printed. Throughout the meeting people presented designs and worked on prototypes for various mechanisms.
Dennis presented his "pentapus," a design that uses several arms to grab containers over the landfill, and pulleys to lift them up. We reviewed Aiden's carriage lifter (without Aiden :() and went over a few other basic lifter designs. We also found out that the robot can be in contact with the totes and containers at the start of the match so long as they are not moved. Interesting, eh?

Hank started prototyping his hexagonal container lifter, and Will started prototyping his "keys" for lifting the totes. 
We're getting closer and closer to the point of actually settling on a design, it's really important people show up! We will be starting to have meetings on WEDNESDAYS AT THE USUAL TIME. please show up if you can. It's crunch time, time to start considering the merits of each design, and for that a) we need designs, and b) we need sketches, CAD drawings, and prototypes and c) we need the team here to make those decisions. 
Keep up the great work!!
-Sarah Jenkins
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